Diagnostics - Objective high quality data from daily life compared with appropriate reference data.

With its 360° approach, Senmotion leads the field of primary prevention and clinical diagnostics into a new era. The keywords "from the lab to the field" make it clear that our system transforms the standard of complex and expensive laboratory diagnostics with valid and reliable data acquisition into a mobile data analysis system.

For the first time, it is possible to carry out analyses in the specific environment of the respective person (patient, athlete, etc.). Longitudinal analyses thus also open up new horizons of diagnostic possibilities and cause recognition. In addition to its use as a diagnostic tool for the recording of continuous ground reaction forces, Senmotion is used as a monitoring system, which enables continuous reporting for therapists, doctors or coaches and thus also generates continuous feedback for the user. Immediate feedback not only leads to an increase in compliance to ensure adherence to therapy, but can also be used for specific load management.