About Senmotion - It is our mission to optimize your movements and protect you from overuse, acute injuries and chronic illness.

Senmotion┬┤s innovative 360┬░ solution is based on three elementary pillars:

1. Revolutionary pressure sensitive sensors embedded in an insole.

2. Intelligent machine learning algorithms for automated pattern recognition and diagnostics.

3. Unique pattern database for immediate conclusions and risk assessments.

Individual ground reaction forces are collected with a newly developed innovative sensor technology, embedded in an insole. The sensors provide continuously valid and reliable data and are at the same time robust, maintenance-free and protected against environmental artifacts. The registered data, analyzed in real time, enable us to obtain an individual pattern of ground reaction forces by means of longitudinal load monitoring. Thanks to automated classification algorithms and comparison with our constantly growing scientific pattern database, we are able to describe motion patterns and their deviations on the new level of accuracy.