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The Senmotion Sensole is a tool for motion and load (gait) analysis. This medical device provides a quantitative assessment of motion and load specific data. Provided quantitative parameters can be used by health professionals to support diagnostic and monitoring purposes and evaluation of therapy and training efficacy.

About the insole

The medical device consists of a sensor-based active non-invasive shoe insole with a related software application. Parts of the system are intended to be placed inside and on top of a shoe to measure the ground reaction forces at the sole.

The data of the sensors are displayed via a software application on a mobile device and can be transmitted to the Sencloud, where a medically qualified user (health professional) has remote access. The medically qualified user decides whether the medical device is clinically applicable and relevant for the individual patient or patient group with specific medical indication (musculoskeletal and motion-related diseases).

Senmotion Sensoles are battery powered and measure ground reaction force on the insole surface. This data is transmitted via Bluetooth to your mobile device. The Senapp application can be used on smartphones to receive, visualize and save the parameters.

The use of the product is not specific to certain diseases or symptoms. It is the responsibility of the health professional to interpret the measurement data obtained from the product and no diagnosis or treatment decision shall be carried out solely based on the presented data. The medical device is not only used by medically qualified personnel, but also by the patient without supervision after an initial medical anamnesis (e.g. home use).

Force measurement

Senmotion Sensoles provide long-term location-independent measurement of foot dynamics. Suitable for highly dynamic loads up to 500Hz.

Wireless connectivity

Sensoles are simple and intuitive to use thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 wireless data transfer.

Long-term use

Intelligent electronics are capable of recording long-lasting sessions up to 8 hours.

Use cases

The Sensoles can be used in both clinical and outpatient settings for the diagnosis of various musculoskeletal disorders and motion-related diseases. After a briefing by medical specialists, the Sensoles can also be also used by patients in everyday life.

  • Live view and feedback for users

    The patients receive a visualization and of the data on their smartphone as well as an individual feedback in real time.

  • Monitoring for professionals

    The ground reaction forces from your everyday life can be transferred to the Sencloud and made visible to your medical specialists for diagnostics and monitoring.

Download your Senapp

Download the Senapp from your App Store to control the Sensoles, visualize your movement and capture data.

Sencloud for professionals

Location-independent access to ground reaction forces of your patients for diagnostics and monitoring.

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